Solemnity of the Pilgrimage in the Basilica in Máriagyűd 2017

2. February Feast of the Presentation of the Lord - pilgrimage of the Communities “Szeretetláng” (Rev. József Egri, Sellye)
25-26. März Feast of Annunciation (P. Julián Palkó OFM, Budapest)
7. May Feast of the mothers (Rev. János Hegedűs, Tamási)
13. May Foot pilgrimage of the Diocese Pécs (Bishop Dr. György Udvardy)
20. May „New hearts on old roads.” Pilgrimage 101! – Dr. Balázs Bábel archbishop of Kalocsa-Kecskemét
3-4. June Solemnity of the Pentecost – pilgrimage of the Gypsies (P. József Hofher SJ, Budapest)
5. June Whit Monday – with the participation of the Croats
10. June „New hearts on old roads” Pilgrimage 101! II. – Bishop Nándor Bosák
11. June Solemnity of Trinity Sunday – pilgrimage of the Croats (Rev. Josip Antolović, Donji Miholjac)
24-25. June Anniversary of receiving the title Basilica Minor
Solemnity of Saint Peter and Paul
5th Pilgrimage of the Motorcycles to Máriagyűd (Chaplain Gábriel Barics, Pécs)
30 June
2. July
35th Pilgrimage of the youth to Máriagyűd
Feast of the Visitation
12-13. August Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary - pilgrimage of the Diocese Pécs (Bishop Dr. György Udvardy)
27. August Virgin Mary, Queen of the World –
Pilgrimage of the Szeklers from Bukovina (Rev. Zsolt Bartha, Szakcs)
3. September 16th Pilgrimage of addicted people and their families (Rev. György Fazekas, Budapest)
8-10. September Solemnity of the Birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary – pilgrimage of the Germans (Bishop Mihály Mayer)
16. September „New hearts on old roads.” Pilgrimage 101! III. – Dr. Gyula Márfi archbishop of Veszprém
17. September Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows – pilgrimage of elderly and sick people (Rev. Géza Antal, Pécsvárad)
24. September Feast of Thanksgiving – Pilgrimage of oenologists (Rev. Ágoston József Darnai, Villány)
3. December Feast of the dedication of the Basilica in Máriagyűd (Prof. Dr. Attila Puskás)

You can get complete indulgence on the following occasions in our Basilica (above the pilgrimages with the privilege of getting indulgence):

• on the first Sunday of each month – as the benefaction of Pope Pius VII
• on a day chosen by each believer – as the benefaction of the title Basilica
• on the occasion of any liturgy celebrated together with a group of pilgrims
• on our announced spiritual practices:

o 24th-26th March, spiritual practice in Lent
o 12th-16th April, The Easter Triduum
o 3rd-4th June, spiritual practice during the vigilance of Pentecost
o 12th-13th August spiritual practice during the vigilance of Assumption
o 9th-10th September, spiritual practice during the vigilance of the Birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary
o 1st -3rd December, Spiritual Practice in Advent

• if you participate in any of our celebrations:

o the services on the first day of the year, on 1st January
o on the Fridays of the Lent (3rd /10th /17 th /24 th and 31 st March, 7th and 14th April) – the cross-way and the service with Our Lady of Sorrows in the presence of the True Cross Relique
o on 9th April, Palm Sunday – Passion Play
o on 13th, 14th and 15th April, the liturgy of Holy Thursday and Good Friday, the vigilance of Easter and the resurrection procession
o on 23rd April, the Sunday of Divine Mercy
o on 18th June, Lord’s Day Procession
o on 23rd June, the service of the feast of the Heart of Jesus
o on 29th June, Solemnity of Saint Peter and Paul
o on 2nd August, Feast of Porzioncula
o on 29th October and on 1st, 2nd and 5th November, visiting of the church at the time of all soul's day
o on 26th November, the services of the Sunday of Christ the Lord

You can get partial indulgence visiting the shrine in devotional spirit.

The order of services in 2017:
at 8 and 10 on Sunday ( and on Christmas and New Year, on 2nd Day of Christmas, on Easter Monday, White Monday, on 20th August), at 17 on weekdays (except for Tuesdays) – until 31st March and from 1st October, at 19 - from 1st April until 30th September

Special days:
at 10 an 17 on 6th January
at 15 on 7th April
at 18 on 13th April
at 15 on 14th April
at 19 on 15th April
at 15 on 1st November
at 10 an 17 on 2nd November
at 6 and 24 on 24th December

On the feast of the Holy Mary:
at 10 and 19 on 8th/12th an 15th September
at 8, 10 and 19 on 15th August
at 10 an 17 on 2nd February and 25th March